Useful information

Useful information

Venue: Estonian Maritime Academy (Kopli 101, Tallinn)

Estonian Maritime Academy (EMERA) is situated in Kopli peninsula of the Northern part of Tallinn. Our neighbour is BLRT Shipyard. EMERA is easily accessible by car or by tram. 


You can use Taxify and Uber apps. Please check beforehand whether you can pay by card or whether you get check for your ride. 

Official taxis we recommend:

•Tulika takso  +372 6 120 000 | Price: 3,85 + 0,69 per km |

•Tallink takso +372 640 8921 | Price 3,90 + 0,79 per km |

Please be careful if taking a taxi from the street – there are companies using the same design and similar name as recommended companies but their price list different. 

So if you are coming from city centre then the OK price to EMERA is ca 10 euros – both available card or cash. 

Public transport:

If You travel from Original Sokos Hotel Viru take the tram 1 or 2 from tram stop Hobujaama to the direction Kopli (stop Kopli). 

Klick here to look the rout on Google maps.

If You’re staying at hotels L’Ermitage  or von Stackelberg then there are several ways to get to academy. Easiest way is by tram 1 or 2 from the stop Balti jaam (15 minutes walk from hotel) to the direction Kopli (stop Kopli). There are also possibilities to use 40 and/or 72. 

Klick here to look the routes on Google maps. 

You need to buy the ticket (2 euros per ride) from the driver and You need to have exact money in cash. You don’t need to mark it after the purchase. 

Because it is rather expensive it is suggested to use taxis (if there is more than 1 traveller, than it is cheaper to use a taxi than tram).


Parking is available in our backyard. The passage is shown in the picture, it is the right side of our building, there are a boom and the bell – please ring it and they let you in.