Baltic as a model region for green ports & maritime transport: LNG

May 30 2017

Baltic as a model region for green ports & maritime transport: LNG

Promotion and support of LNG as fuel for shipping has a special meaning in the Baltic Sea region, with various environmental regulations implemented in the area. It ensures not only SECA compliance, but also the recently passed proposal to limit NOx emissions from ships in the Baltic Sea by introducing NOx Tier III requirements.

In order to sustain and encourage the growing number of LNG-fueled vessels, specialized bunkering infrastructure is needed. The development of LNG bunkering infrastructure within the Baltic Sea region was initiated by two BPO led projects – “LNG in Baltic Sea Ports I & II”. It helped harmonizing the pre-investment works on the creation of a network of ports using standardized LNG bunkering solutions.

Visit the “LNG in Baltic Sea Ports” project website and download exclusive LNG handbooks based on experience of ports involved in the project – Hanbook I & Handbook II

The infrastructure for LNG bunkering within the Baltic ports is gradually being put in place, thanks to the accompanying technical and safety impediments being addressed and eliminated.

Existing LNG infrastructure projects in the Baltic Sea region serve as a good example of LNG synergy between ports, shipowners and other stakeholders.

Follow this link to discover more about LNG in the Baltic Sea region and BPO’s role in promoting its use and the development of LNG infrastructure.

The perfect reading companion

Find even more information on LNG in the Baltic in the recent BPO report “The Baltic Sea as a model region for green ports and maritime transport”.

It is available for download, completely free of charge, on the BPO website. Grab a copy and get aboard!