Baltic Ports Conference 2017 - ahoy Trelleborg!

Baltic Ports Conference 2017 - ahoy Trelleborg!

Baltic Ports Conference 2017 – ahoy Trelleborg!

The annual Baltic Ports Conference returns on 6-8 September, 2017, to take us to Trelleborg, Sweden, for an exciting two day event. This year’s edition, hosted by the Port of Trelleborg, will be dedicated to shaping the port industry of tomorrow. What will the future ports look like? How will they have to change and evolve in order to remain competitive? BPC 2017 brings all the answers you need.

The ever-changing landscape of the port industry requires the ports to constantly adapt and evolve. New regulations, technological innovations and market dynamics call for a high degree of preparation and planning. Ports of today need to think one step ahead if they don’t want to miss the chance to become ports of the future. BPC 2017 identifies the key issues, crucial for the development of ports not only in Europe, but worldwide.

DAY 1: Ports of the future – topic highlights
•next-generation port industry 
•market dynamics and future demand 
•capacity, efficiency, intermodality 
•relocation of port activities 
•ports & cities – facing the future together

The Baltic region has been long recognized as a leader when it comes to the implementation of and compliance with a broad variety of environmental regulations. Baltic ports and shipowners had great success in working together towards a common goal – a clean Baltic Sea. Resulting in great experience and design of best practices, the Baltic Sea can be considered a model region for green ports and maritime transport. While there are more challenges on the horizon, it is now time to share this vast knowledge with the rest of the world.

DAY 2: Baltic – a green ports region – topic highlights
•industry forecast: business meets climate change
•sharing the Baltic experience with the world
•regulations, achievements, opportunities
•balancing business, environment and society
•seeking synergies with industry partners
•Baltic – a green technology testing ground

Trelleborg – city of Vikings!

Be it an evening walk along Sweden’s only palm-lined avenue, enjoying the afternoon sun in one of the breathtaking gardens, time spent with multiple displays of exciting public art, visit to one of the varied selection of museums or a thrilling trip to a Viking fortress – Trelleborg is a city to behold!

Tommy Halen, Port of Trelleborg CEO, said:

“I welcome all participants of the BPC 2017 to Trelleborg, Sweden's southernmost port and Scandinavia's largest RoRo port. Our city is called the city of palm trees and you will meet actual palm trees and maybe disguised Vikings. Welcome!” 

And speaking of Vikings and fortresses – participants of the BPC 2017 will have the chance to enjoy one of the Baltic Ports Organization’s famous gala dinners, held in the carefully recreated Viking stronghold Trelleborgen. An evening worthy of tales and songs!

A detailed agenda will be made available soon.