Baltic Ports Conference 2022

May 05 2022

Baltic Ports Conference 2022

The Baltic Ports Conference comes to Gdynia, Poland, on 7-8 September. Join us at Baltic Ports Organization's (BPO) premiere event for a series of insightful presentations and discussions on the main topics shaping the current and future landscape of the maritime industry.

Topic highlights

  • The future of the Baltic Sea region in view of recent geopolitical changes
  • Fit for 55 - key takeaways for European and Baltic ports in context of the upcoming energy transition
  • Further development of Baltic’s shore power network – how to make it count most?
  • LNG’s return to graces as a key part of Europe’s energy security in the near future – opportunities for ports?
  • Green maritime transport as a team effort. Cooperation possibilities between ports and shipping companies
  • Main technological trends to have the most significant and long-standing impact on the port sector in coming years
  • BioLNG, Hydrogen, Ammonia and other sustainable fuels – opportunities for ports as green fuel hubs?

Save the date!

We are incredibly eager to see you all once again, gathered in a bustling conference hall! The Baltic Ports Conference comes back to the physical realm and we can’t imagine it happening without you!

Grab your calendars, mark the 7-8 September, 2022 and book your flights, one of the Baltic Sea region's most important event's is where you want to be this year!

We will share more information about the venue, our hosts and the full agenda in upcoming newsletters, so stay tuned!