The Baltic Ports Organization is a regional ports organization inspiring and supporting its members while cooperating pro-actively with relevant partners. BPO was established on October 10, 1991, in Copenhagen, with an aim to facilitate cooperation among the ports and to monitor and improve the possibilities for shipping in the Baltic Sea region.

Development over the past years has proceeded very quickly and at present BPO has entered a new, challenging and exciting phase. Currently, the organization is comprised of 47 members representing the most significant ports and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region. BPO is well-recognized within the BSR, in EU bodies and other European regions.

The organization's mission is to contribute to economic, social and environmentally sustainable development of maritime transport and the port industry in the Baltic Sea region, thereby strengthening its global competitiveness.

BPO is registered in Estonia (Port of Tallinn headquarter) and operates according to the Estonian Law on Non-profit Associations.


BPO represents the interests of the Baltic Sea ports towards EU institutions and other relevant organizations.

BPO contributes to the clean environment of the Baltic Sea, promotes environmental management in the ports and plays an active role in international dialogs where the environment is concerned (BPO Environmental Working Group).

BPO organizes dedicated conferences, seminars, study visits, dealing with questions in the area of port operation and management, and the environmental impact of port activities.

BPO supports and plays an active role in research, science, and training which lead to a better understanding of the transport sector in the region and to study future challenges.

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Chairman Dr. Kimmo Naski, HaminaKotka  
Deputy Chairman Dr. Gernot Tesch, Rostock  
Deputy Chairman Martynas ArmonaitisKlaipeda  
  Jakob F. Christensen, Aarhus  
  Ville Haapasaari, Helsinki  
  Valdo Kalm, Tallinn  
  Ansis Zeltiņš, Riga  
Chairman Ellen Kaasik, Tallinn Björn Boström, Ystad
  Markku Alahäme, Turku Thomas Bendtsen, Rønne 
  Daria Mróz, Gdynia Villu Vatsfeld, Saarte Liinid Ltd.
  Petra König, Copenhagen Malmö        Sören Jurrat, Stralsund
  Magdalena Korpalska, Gdansk Ingo Wetzel, Mukran
  Kaspars Ponemeckis, Liepaja  
  Ilia Sidlo, Kaliningrad  
Secretary General  Bogdan Ołdakowski    
Executive Manager  Marta Friedrichowicz  
Project Manager  Marcin Włodarski  
Office Manager  Karolina Bartkowski  
Communication Manager   Andrzej Urbaś