Cargo capacity upgrade and LNG bunkering Swinoujscie – Ystad maritime link

Cargo capacity upgrade and LNG bunkering Swinoujscie – Ystad maritime link

Swinoujscie - Ystad Maritime Link project was among the selected key EU initiatives aiming to invest nearly €700 million in sustainable and innovative transport. Project’s Grant Agreement has been recently signed by representatives of the European Commission and Project’s coordinator - Ystads Kommun. The project consortium comprises of Port of Ystad, Gaz System S.A. and its affiliated company Polskie LNG S.A., as well as Polferries S.A from Poland.

Swinoujscie – Ystad maritime link project concerns the upgrade of maritime link capacity, improvement of environmental performance and enabling LNG bunkering on the maritime connection between the Core and Comprehensive maritime ports of Swinoujscie, Poland and Ystad, Sweden respectively.

In Port of Ystad, the action foresees the following infrastructure and terminal facility investments until the end of 2021:

Two berths for serving ferries in the Port of Ystad, with associated facilities (ro-ro ramps, onshore power connections, reception stations for black and grey water, marshaling areas, terminal road infrastructure,  check-in counters delimiting the ISPS area),
Dredged ports basin and approaching route in the Port of Ystad,
A new breakwater in the South and an extended existing one in the Western part of the Port of Ystad,
A dedicated area for bunkering of LNG.

Gaz System and Polskie LNG will aim to jointly deploy LNG bunkering vessel in Port of Swinoujscie by 2022. The LNG bunkering vessel will be dedicated to store and transfer LNG to vessels driven by LNG, so as to reduce the impact of shipping on the environment by decreasing the emissions of SOx, NOx, CO2.

Moreover, a new Ro-Pax vessel with LNG propulsion system will be developed by Polferries S.A in 2021 and will be connecting these two ports. The aim of this activity is to reduce the impact of shipping on the environment by an implementation of LNG propulsion technology on the vessel deployed on the Swinoujscie-Ystad route.

The project’s deliverables are expected to significantly contribute to reducing negative environmental externalities as well as increasing capacity in the Port of Ystad. The Project’s estimated eligible cost is €132 million with EU funding at €34 million equaling the average EU support at 26 percent.


The project kick-off meeting

Official kick-off seminar underlining partners’ intended activities will take place on 25th January and will gather official regional representatives, EU representatives as well as key LNG stakeholders.
On 24th January the internal project partners meeting will be held.

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