Five things to do and see in Riga while at the Ports 4.0 conference

Jan 27 2020

Five things to do and see in Riga while at the Ports 4.0 conference

Riga is a wonderful city, featuring multiple interesting, beautiful and quirky places and attractions. It wasn’t easy but we narrowed it down to five absolute “must see” options. You will certainly have a lot to choose from between the wonders of Latvia’s capital and the Ports 4.0 conference, held on 3-4 March, 2020.

Shop like you’ve never shopped before
Let yourself loose on the countless stalls of Riga’s Central Market, one of the largest markets in Europe. The massive complex consisting of five zeppelin hangars, houses everything a foodie could wish for – cheese, fish, smoked meat, honey, veggies and more.

Hear the heavenly music
Take a moment and enter the Doma Cathedral, almost as old as the city itself and its spiritual heart. While there, listen to a performance on the cathedral’s famous organ, dating back to 1884 and still considered one of the most beautifully sounding instruments in the world.

Let art inspire your mind and heart
Dare to leave the Old Town for a stroll through the Art Nouveau district. It is here, where red brick and grey stone are replaced by tall, smooth shapes of late 19th century architecture, adorned with a concerto of classically influenced and intricately sculptured details.

Have a sip of the magical elixir
The Riga Black Balsam, said to be the magical cure that saved the Russian Empress Catherine II. Whether the tale is true or not you simply can’t miss a chance at tasting this unique liqueur prepared from many different plants mixed with the finest vodka.

Take a trip to ages past
Located in the immediate vicinity of the city, lays the Open Air Ethnographic Museum, a lakeside park where examples of regional architecture from every corner of Latvia can be found. You can tour the past by peeking into peasant homes, workshops or the enchanting Usma Church.

And last but not least, don’t forget to join us at the Ports 4.0 event! Hosted by the Freeport of Riga Authority, it will bring you the latest scoop on the current state and impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the port industry.

Just like any other BPO event, the conference will be attended by high level port representatives, feature an expert speaker line-up and a trademark of all our meetings – one of the most engaged audiences you will ever meet. Don’t wait, be a part of it!