GoLNG project seminar in Trelleborg

Sep 12 2017

GoLNG project seminar in Trelleborg

Nearly 30 stakeholders of the Baltic LNG market gathered in Trelleborg, to take part in the GoLNG project seminar organized on 6th September, as a side event of the annual Baltic Ports Conference. The event focused on promotion of the project and discussion with ports' stakeholders. The strategy of the Go LNG project , standards and regulations on LNG bunkering, LNG Blue Corridor Strategy and Integrated LNG Value Chain all made an appearance on the day’s agenda.

First presentation, given by the project Lead Partner - Andrius Sutnikas from Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, was dedicated to major objectives, activities being implemented by project partners as well as the project strategy. Development of one of the project pillars - LNG Blue Corridor Strategy has been presented in details by Lawrence Henesey, Asst. Professor Faculty of Computing of Blekinge Institute of Technology. Afterwards, Quality and Environmental Manager from the Port of Helsinki - Aino Rantanen, explained the safety standards in LNG bunkering, applied by the Port of Helsinki, which have recently been published in the safety manual. The presentation was followed by an intensive discussion concerning safety aspects and conformity of the individual ports’ safety regulations, which occurred especially interesting for the representatives of Baltic ports attending the seminar.

Later Dimitrios Dalaklis, Associate Professor from World Maritime University, talked about LNG Blue Corridor Strategy, which aims to generate the maximum synergy effect from the LNG infrastructure development, for the sectors of energy and transport, by development of the intuitive tools for the industries (e.g. online infrastructure maps) as well as promoting development of the national LNG strategies.
The closing presentation was given by Andrius Sutnikas and it was dedicated to LNG cluster initiatives established by the GoLNG project partners, in cooperation with the stakeholders, representing maritime ports, maritime transport companies, gas storage and reloading companies and others.

Seminar ended up with an active discussion between the participants representing project partners, ports, terminal operators and universities, which covered the topics presented at the seminar.



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