ION joins the Baltic Ports Organization

Apr 29 2020

ION joins the Baltic Ports Organization

We are happy to welcome our latest Member to the BPO family. ION is a provider of data-driven solutions for the port, energy and defence industries. Their technology allows clients to make the best possible use of data in order to support the decision-making process and improve competitiveness.

Digitalization is an ongoing process affecting nearly every industry in the world, ports being no exception. It becomes increasingly important for companies to keep a close eye on the developments and optimize the use of data in order to stay ahead of the competition.

ION’s Marlin SmartPort™ is a modular, cloud-based solution, managing port operations including port calls and back office administration. It enables ports to capture their core operating data efficiently and accurately and use it to enhance efficiency and generated additional revenues. The latest global crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic further underlines the importance and need for remote services.

Graham Howe, Business Development Director, ION, offered the following comment: “With the current global pandemic work is required to be performed remotely, where possible, while the maritime industry still needs to keep vital supplies moving. The Marlin SmartPort solution has been specifically designed to share key information and, as a cloud-based solution, can be fully deployed with zero footprint. To reduce pressure created by remote working, Marlin SmartPort enables you to share key port call information online with your Port Community.”

Recognizing the challenges ports are facing at this difficult time, ION offers a 90-day free trial of the above mentioned service. More detailed information can be accessed directly on our Member’s website.

The Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) remains highly interested in the opportunities posed by the digitalization process. This year saw the second edition of the Ports 4.0 conference, being held in Riga, which examined the impact fourth industrial revolution had on the port sector. Special attention was paid to the challenges that still remain on the road to the digitalization of seaports and true value behind the process.

More information above the event is available on the BPO website.