General Information

The industrial Port of Karlskrona is easily accessible with only 20 minutes transit from sea and pilot station.
The route is straightforward, safe navigable and ice free.
The hinterland has a direct connection to the E22 road as well as road 27 and the railroad towards Alvesta.

Port of Karlskrona is a public port, which is efficiently run and has an updated rail combi terminal.  
The port has 3-4 RoRo/Ferry departures per day to Gdynia.
Port of Karlskrona has been growing substantially in the last 20 years (+800%in volume units)  and the trend is continuing.

At the moment the port logistic area is expanded by (filling out two shallow bays) 11 hectares.
New quaysides (approx. 400 meters) will be built in the next years.