Kaskinen and Mariehamn join the BPO

Sep 04 2019

IKaskinen and Mariehamn join the BPO

September was full of wonderful news for the Baltic Ports Organization (BPO). Not only was the Baltic Ports Conference 2019 a great success but the BPO family got bigger once again as the Ports of Kaskinen and Mariehamn decided to join our community.

The BPO is both honored and proud to welcome both Ports to the Organization. The main goal of the BPO is to facilitate economic, social and environmentally sustainable development of the port industry in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). This can only be achieved by reaching and connecting as many of the regional ports as possible and present them with a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. We are sure that our new Members will contribute greatly to this common goal.

Port of Kaskinen in a nutshell

The Port of Kaskinen is located on the western coast of Finland, in the Gulf of Bothnia, approximately 100 kilometres south of the City of Vasa. It is one of the most important Finnish exporting ports for sawn timber and pulp, and it is also specialised in handling chemical industry products and different dry bulk cargo.

The port handled 1,1 million tons of goods in 2018. It had around 330-450 cargo ship calls per year and registered a growth of 21% in cargo flow, with the numbers continuing to grow in 2019.

The diversity, flexibility and clear-cut infrastructure of the port create excellent conditions for quick, safe and cost-efficient handling of material flows. Even large single batches move smoothly between different modes of transportation, storage facilities and vessels. The most important nearby customers of the Port are the Metsä Board chemi-thermomechanical pulp mill in Kaskinen, Oy Lunawood Ltd thermowood factory and Aureskoski Ltd wood refining factory.

The port is connected to the railway and has a double track 1100 m rail in the port. It is also equipped in 9 berths, around 1,1km in length, two RoRo ramps and warehouse facilities of over 70.000 m2.

Introducing the Port of Mariehamn

The Port of Mariehamn is a central gateway to the East and to the West. The port serves a number of passenger vessels from several major carriers on a daily basis. The ferries trafficking to and from Mariehamn are crucial for tourism and freight in the region, and for the local citizenry to be able to easily travel to the mainland and to Sweden. Cruise traffic to Mariehamn runs on a regular basis all year round, with around around 20 cruise ships from various countries visiting the port in the summertime.

Daily ferry traffic averages 15 vessels from Stockholm, Kapellskär, Turku, Helsinki and Tallinn, calling at the port’s six ferry berths. Regular carriers include Birka Cruises, Tallink Silja and Viking Line. Cruise traffic runs all year round on a regular basis. 24 international cruise ships are scheduled to visit Mariehamn during the 2019 season. The port is also a Member of Cruise Baltic, the network of partner destinations consisting of all major ports in the BSR.

Main cargo types flowing through the port include cement and sand. As of this time, ca. 30 cargo vessels call at the Klintkajen in Mariehamn, which can also be used for berthing when vessels are in need of inspections or minor maintenance.

More information about our new Members can be found on their respective websites: Kaskinen and Mariehamn.