Mar 24 2015

Report released on methods for spotting alien species in Baltic Ports

The ecological risks associated with scrubber use are ignored, while the economic expectations are overestimated, said the German environmental organization Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) on releasing the results of a study conducted by the Dutch research institute CE Delft.

Jun 26 2014

Clean Air in Ports and Port Cities

On June 4th 2014 the conference „Clean Air in Ports and Port Cities“ took place in Copenhagen. Many of the presentations held on that day are now online at the website “Clean Air in Ports: Copenhagen”.

May 21 2014

HELCOM and cruising industry launch joint survey on sewage delivery in the Baltic

HELCOM and Cruise Lines International Association Europe (CLIA) have launched a joint information gathering on sewage delivery in the Baltic Sea Region in advance of the 2014 summer season.

May 15 2014

Stockholm and Tallinn's shared environmental goals

Ports of Stockholm and Tallinn will cooperate on a new agreement regarding e.g. LNG as ship fuel, ship-generated waste management and ship-to-shore electricity.

Jan 15 2014

HELCOM, Council of the Baltic Sea States and regional partners join forces

New platform launches on green technology and alternative fuels for ships.

Nov 15 2013

Environmental managers met in Copenhagen

BPO Environmental Working Group (BPO EWG) met in Copenhagen on 15th of November.

Nov 15 2013

BPO represented at ESSF

BPO has been accepted by European Commission as member of European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF). First start-up plenary meeting of the ESSF took place on 27th of November 2013 in Brussels.

Jul 18 2014

Scrubber Discharge Impacts Questioned

HELCOM has released a report on alien species transported via ships’ ballast water that threaten the sensitive Baltic ecosystem and may also have negative impacts to the economy and human health.