Port of Mukran joins the BPO

Jan 08 2018

Port of Mukran joins the BPO

At the begining of new year BPO welcomed a new member. We are proud to announce that Port of Mukran has joined our community.

Mukran Port located on Germany’s largest island, Rügen, benefits in many aspects from its excellent position. The easternmost deep sea port is ideally situated for short distance freight and passenger traffic to and from Sweden; Denmark (the Danish island Bornholm), Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. The direct access to the open sea allows unhindered navigational approach without compulsory pilotage.

Furthermore, excellent nautical and sea geographic features make Mukran Port an attractive site to the offshore wind industry.

Mukran Port offers with its ferry, rail, multipurpose and offshore terminals on around 430 hectare and extensive floor space for production and storage facilities everything what a modern multipurpose freight and passenger port has to provide for doing good business. It is the only port in central Europe which provides in addition to standard gauges, rails and transshipment terminals which are suitable for Russian and Finish broad gauges. 

We are glad to welcome Mukran Port into our community. Its unique geographical position, making it a key stop on the route between Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States, will definitely spark a lot of exciting discussions and sharing of knowledge.