Saarte Liinid Ltd

General Information

Saarte Liinid Ltd is port managing company which is active since 1 October 1994. Our main fields of activity include the maintenance and development of our regional ports. First of all, it means ensuring the possibilities for the safe navigation of ferries between the Estonian mainland and the islands, but we also handle dry bulk and cargo, service cruise passengers and small vessels. The shares of Saarte Liinid Ltd (100%) belong to the Republic of Estonia.

There are currently sixteen ports managed by Saarte Liinid Ltd: Kuivastu, Virtsu, Heltermaa, Rohuküla, Sviby, Sõru, Triigi, Kihnu, Munalaid,Manilaid, Roomassaare, Ringsu, Abruka, Piirissaare, Laaksaare and Naissaare. The larger ports have facilities for receiving cargo ships.

Companies head office is situated in Kuressaare and it is dealing with the general management of the company, organizes its economic activity and plans and conducts the construction works of the ports.