Tourist information

Tourist information

Trelleborg: Sweden's southernmost city

Trelleborg has approximately 28,000 inhabitants and it the main city of the municipality Trelleborg. It is located in Söderslätt, a very fruitful countryside in the southwest of the province of Scania (Skåne län). Trelleborg is also the southernmost city in Sweden and belongs next to Åhus, Helsingborg and Lund to the oldest cities of the county.

Trelleborg is probably familiar to many Sweden tourists as the largest Swedish ferry port. It is also the only Swedish ferry port which is served by a railway ferry. Currently, the train ferry on the so-called Royal Line Trelleborg–Sassnitz is used only by the daily night train Malmö-Berlin (Berlin Night Express).

While the street in the downtown of Trelleborg still largely correspond to the medieval city map, only a few old houses can be found in the city center. Only around the old market square Gamla torg you can still find some old buildings.

Trelleborg is nicknamed Palmernas stad (City of Palms). It was the festival committee of the annual city festival, which came up with the idea to plant palm trees in Trelleborg. In 1984 they presented the first 24 imported palms from Spain. Meanwhile, there are nearly hundred palm trees, rooting in oversized plant pots, that adorn the summer beach promenade. From October to May the plants overwinter in a palm house.