General Information

Vordingborg Port is a Danish commercial port situated on the island of Masnedoe south of Zealand. The port is growing rapidly and is undergoing a substantial expansion. In the nearby future, the port will be amongst one of Zealand’s biggest ports. The huge expansion has taken place since 2015 and has included an enlargement of the harbor area and the dredging of the fairway down to a depth of 10.4 meters with a width of 70 meters. Over the past two years, the harbor area has more than tripled in size.

Vordingborg Port participates in the EU Interreg DUAL Ports project. The specific focus is renewed use of soil. The main objective of the SOIL pilot is to expand and develop the port of Vordingborg by using recycled products, such as contaminated soil, concrete and excessive soil from building projects in the municipality. The effects will be to reduce the CO2 footprint for the port of Vordingborg and the municipality of Vordingborg.

Vordingborg Port plays an important role as regards to the new Storstroems Bridge project as building materials and finished parts for the bridge will be transported by ship.

The port has around 400 ship calls per year (est. number for 2019). We primarily handle bulk commodities such as grain, fertilizer, seed, sand, stone, gravel and chippings. The expected annual turnover of goods is estimated to be close to 1 million tons. Vordingborg Port is easy to access both by ship and road and is accessible 24-7 all year round.

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