Baltic Ports Conference 2021!

Jul 08 2021

Baltic Ports Conference 2021!

The Baltic Ports Conference (BPC) is the most important annual event for the organization, as all BPO members, other participants and guests join together to discuss the key and urgent issues for the port business. It is first and foremost a great networking platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between various stakeholders making up the maritime community in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

This year’s event also marks BPO’s 30th anniversary, which we will celebrate by looking at the evolution of the port sector over the past decades and attempting to divine the future, by identifying the key trends which will define the sector’s development in the years to come.

The event will also feature an analysis of ports’ function as entrepreneurs and drivers of innovation, as well as their upcoming role as alternative or green energy hubs, accompanied by the challenges and opportunities they encompass.

Traditionally, the Baltic Ports Conference will be accompanied by the General Assembly of the BPO members, during which summaries, as well as discussions on up to date BPO business and future plans, take place.

„I would like to warmly welcome all participants of the BPC 2021 to Port of Tallinn as we are virtually hosting the event this year. With smart and green solutions Port of Tallinn aims to become the most innovative port on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Let’s discuss how we can guarantee the sustainability of the Baltic region together and share the best practices of using technological advancements to enhance the port business as well as protect the environment.”

- Valdo Kalm, CEO, Port of Tallinn