Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group

EWG consists of eight members representing the following ports: Copenhagen Malmö, Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, Turku, Liepāja and Kaliningrad.

The main task of the EWG is to follow regulatory developments that affect the port business, especially those related to HELCOM’s activities. Among the many topics are SOx and NOx emissions, port reception facilities for sewage from passenger ships, which is a concern for many of the Baltic ports as it is associated with substantial costs as well as proper waste management in ports.


Chairman    Ellen Kaasik Head of Quality and Environmental Management Department Port of Tallinn
  Markku Alahäme Quality Manager Port of Turku
  Daria Mróz
Environmental Protection Specialist Port of Gdynia
  Kaspars Ponemeckis    Port Enviromental Manager Port of Liepāja 
  Pia Mai Environmental Director Copenhagen Malmö Port
  Andreas Slotte Head of Sustainable Development Port of Helsinki
  Charlotta Solerud Environmental Strategist Ports of Stockholm
  Heidi Nilsson Head of Environment Port of Oslo
  Airas Anton Environmental Specialist Port of Helsinki

 If you are a BPO Member and wish to join the Environmental Ports Working Group, please contact the BPO Office.