BPO welcomes new members - again!

Sep 01 2023

BPO welcomes new members - again!

On August 23th the BPO Council officially confirmed the membership of 3 new entities in the Baltic Ports Organization: DB Port Szczecin, GISGRO and Port of Gävle. Recently, the organization has been developing more dynamically and this is another admission of members this year. Welcome on board!

DB Port Szczecin is a universal cargo handling terminal in the Port of Szczecin. We handle more than 1 million ton per year, mostly general cargo, bulk cargo, containers, and agro. We aim at maximal diversification of our portfolio and actively work for developing intermodal connections from our region in the North-South corridor. DB Port Szczecin is owned by DB Cargo Polska, a subsidiary of the railway group Deutsche Bahn AG.
More information: http://www.deutschebahn.com/portszczecin

GISGRO Ltd. is a pioneering company that specialises in GIS- and cloud-based Port Management Information Systems (PMIS). GISGRO Digital Twin is a new-generation platform that offers the most visual data management, analysing, and sharing tools. GISGRO helps ports optimise processes for efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Founded in 2010, the company became a respected surveyor in 3D underwater inspections for ports. In 2022, it shifted its focus to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and acquired the top Finnish port ERP software company. Today, GISGRO Ltd. is a global software company, serving customers in 50 smart ports across 12 countries.
More information: https://www.gisgro.com/

Port of Gävle – the largest logistics hub in Central Sweden, is situated only two hours from Stockholm, with comparatively little traffic or congestion. At Port of Gävle exports from the region’s steel, wood, and paper industries on their way around the globe, meet input goods for industry, fuel, consumer goods and project loads that will be distributed throughout the country. From here, the goods will reach their destination by electrified railway or road. Port of Gävle has large storage areas near the quays as well as a logistics park that is ready with space for stocking and storing goods. Welcome to the logistics hub of Central Sweden.
More information: https://gavlehamn.se/en/

"We look forward to our cooperation with Baltic Ports Organization. Current geopolitical situation, new environmental rules, changes in core TEN-T network and energy issues all make it necessary to facilitate cooperation, exchange of data, benchmarking and working on new solutions. We will be able to contribute to BPO’s Environmental, Comprehensive Ports and Digitalization Working Groups, and we look forward to our cooperation."
Daniel Saar
CEO of DB Port Szczecin

"We are happy to become a member of BPO. As the leading Port Information Management System provider, we share a common mission with BPO to contribute to the port industry's economic, social, and environmentally sustainable development, strengthening its global competitiveness. We hope to have a fruitful cooperation with members and add value by providing insights into how digitalisation can optimise processes and, by that, helps to achieve goals."
Timo Aarvala

"We are honoured to have become a member of BPO. Together with the other members we share the goal to improve the shipping industry in the Baltic region. Through cooperation we can strengthen our important position regionally as well as globally."
Fredrik Svanbom
CEO Port of Gävle

"With new members, BPO is truly becoming stronger. On the one hand, Port of Gävle and DB Port Szczecin bring valuable experience in handling different types of cargo, on the other hand I am sure they will contribute to the work of BPO and the discussion on recent port developments in the Baltic Sea region. GISGRO – a company from Finland, our new friendship member, is well known among the ports as a digital services provider. Together with players such as GISGRO and port members, BPO aims to address development of new technologies and moderate the discussion within BPO Digi Working Group."
Bogdan Ołdakowski
BPO Secretary General