Comprehensive Ports Working Group

Comprehensive Ports Working Group

CPG was established in September of 2016 in Helsinki. 
The group is dedicated to identifying and discussing the main challenges and opportunities facing comprehensive ports. 

Main topics include the position of comprehensive ports in the TEN-T network, as well as a careful analysis of the state of the market and how it relates to the current situation of the comprehensive ports. The group also touch upon matters related to environmental regulations.

The aims of the Comprehensive Ports Group consist of the presentation of various viewpoints to EU institutions, discussion of main topics and challenges, exchange of experience between port managers, an organization of seminars and study visits and the initiation of multi-partner projects.


  • Björn Boström, Port of Ystad
  • Sören Jurrat, Port of Stralsund
  • Robert Krüger, Port of Mukran
  • Anders Ahlvik, Port of Hanko
  • Patrik Hellman, Kaskinen
  • Marko Mykkänen, Oulu
  • Juha Hakala, Pietarsaari


If you are a BPO Member and wish to join the Comprehensive Ports Working Group, please contact the BPO Office.