Frequentis joins the Baltic Ports Organization

May 05 2022

Frequentis joins the Baltic Ports Organization

The Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) is thrilled to announce that Frequentis became a new Member of the BPO family earlier this year. Providing communication and information solutions for the maritime sector (and many more beyond that), this new addition to our Member pool further expands BPO’s potential in a field of ever increasing importance.

It is well known that these days, digitalization is a process affecting nearly every industry, with the maritime sector being no exception. BPO has been keeping close tabs on this process, by organizing various digitalization-focused events and the founding of our own Digitalization Working Group. Frequentis’ addition to our Member pool comes on the heels of Awake.AI’s decision to join the Organization. We are convinced that both companies will greatly benefit our Members and contribute to their continued competitiveness.

Frequentis in a nutshell

Headquartered in Vienna, the Austrian company is a global supplier of communication and information for control centres with safety-critical tasks. Their solutions are meant for a variety of business sectors, such as Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control, air defence) and Publich Safety & Transport (police, fire brigade, ambulance services, shipping, railways).

Solutions provided by Frequentis increase mobility, digitalization and rise safety and security requirements, factors essential for driving long-term growth.

The company has a long-standing tradition in working with Nordic and Baltic countries, spanning over 20 years. Their solutions have been implemented in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and many more.

Enhancing efficiency, safety and security

Frequentis Maritime solutions leverage almost two decades´ experience within the maritime market and six decades of ATC experience. With deep cross-industry expertise in aviation, defence, public transportation and public safety, the Maritime business unit provides functionality that supports the needs of today’s surveillance, rescue coordination, coastal radio and traffic management authority market segments.

Core mission

Providing actionable intelligence that enables faster decision making is the main goal of Frequentis’ Maritime team of experts. The dissolving of physical borders that currently define what is understood as a control centre will be key as search and rescue, broadband radio communications and traffic management evolve to IP-based technologies.

„Frequentis are world leaders in control room solutions, and work across all public safety globally. Even though Maritime is a small part of Frequentis, we cover 75% of the world seas, and have a wide a varying customer base, from the Norwegian and Canadian coastguard, to Ports of Jersey and Navy, showing we can work and partner with both large and small organisations. We are very keen to be involved with the BPO, and if possible, bring some help and advice around critical communications and vessel tracking. We are also at the cutting edge of autonomous vessels, providing the critical communications and tracking of the vessel. We’re eager to work with other BPO Members and look forward to meeting you as soon as possible”, commented Mike Roberts, Head of Innovation Maritime, Autonomous Vessel Lead. 

The company has also recently won funding for a project set to positively impact the UK maritime industry. Frequentis will be delivering on a key work stream of the Shipping and Port Interfaces in New Era (SPINE) project, to support the ambition to open all UK waters to the testing and commercial operation of autonomous shipping. "Our expertise in control room communications was a key factor in being selected for this project, and puts us at the cutting edge of maritime autonomy as the world moves from voice communications to machine communications", said Roberts about the endeavor.

The BPO is excited for this new partnership and is looking forward to all the opportunities that will open up in the wake of this cooperation.

You can learn more about Frequentis by following this link.