Polish LNG Conference, 14-15 November 2018, Warsaw, Poland

Polish LNG Conference, 14-15 November 2018, Warsaw, Poland

Last year’s edition was also the first. This year we’re returning with an even more interesting programme, a broad range of expert speakers and the trademark of our events – a curious and engaged audience.

Delving deep into the matter

The first day will start with a series of keynote speeches, setting the ground for later discussions. We’ve invited the representatives of the Directorate-General for Energy at the European Commission to explain LNG’s importance of their upcoming plans for the development of the transport sector. The topic will be Skangas, one of the event sponsors, talking about the main drivers for the development of the LNG market in Europe.

We recognize the increased impact that customers have on the shipper’s choice to switch to LNG and other alternative fuels. Representatives from Amazon and DHL have been invited to shed more light on the influence the customer has and what challenges posed by such a decision.

Polskie LNG will be with us on that day to present Poland’s role as the gateway to the CEE LNG market. We’ve asked Wärtsilä and Chart Industries, who’re also among the conference’s sponsors, to explore the parallels between LNG tech for marine and land industries and how intermodal LNG supply can disrupt the traditional energy supply options, respectively.

 LNG in transport

The second day of the event will open up with an LNG market forecast and analysis of the influence of global trends on the situation in Europe, presented by representatives of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). It will get a little bit more specific after that, with the Natural & Bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA) presenting their natural gas HDV outlook for 2030, along with some policy recommendations.

In preparation for a dedicated look at the usage of LNG in the transport sector, a joint effort by ASE, Emerson, and Remontowa LNG Systems will explore the impact of technological advancement on the LNG industry and share with us their predictions for the upcoming disruptors.

As already mentioned, LNG in transport will be a major topic for the conference. Speakers from Shell, IVECO, Volvo and Nauticor will discuss the profitability of LNG versus other alternative fuels, whether it is the most environmentally friendly solution for heavy and long-haul trucks and the hurdles that need to be overcome before global implementation can become a reality.

The event will wrap up with a discussion panel, hosted by DNV GL, during which we will try to identify how stakeholders from different industries can work together in order to promote LNG development in Europe. The panel will feature representatives from BP and LIQUIND and various other companies, along some of the already mentioned speakers.

A detailed event agenda can be found under the following link.

Here, networking is king

We decided to take the networking part of the event a little bit further, presenting you with a unique, tailored experience, ensuring that you’ll be able to make the most out of your time at the conference.  

The participants will be able to participate in a special B2B networking session, featuring pre-event registration. You’ll just type in your name and express the willingness to meet – the system will take care of everything else. Once at the event, we will provide the registered delegates with a suitable meeting space and enough time to sit down and talk shop. Sounds like business matchmaking? Well, that’s exactly what it is!


Excellence is the minimum that we expect when choosing the right environment for events meant to act as a foundation for great business ideas. Conferences are all about networking, meeting the right people and enabling a dialogue that might lead to groundbreaking projects.

The Novotel Hotel in Warsaw is the right place to be at the right time. It offers everything our participants need to enjoy the event and get down to business amidst elegant interiors, while experiencing impeccable service.