Szczecin - Swinoujscie

General Information

The ports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie:
-strategic position in the maritime trade on the shortest way from Russia and Finland to Germany and from Scandinavia to Central&Southern Europe
-perfect location to Berlin and Brandenburg hinterland
-excellent access to the European inland water, railway and road transport system
-most favourable ports for the Poland’s largest industrial area, Czech Republic, Slovakia and eastern part of Germany
-liner services to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and Holland
-the Polish biggest and the most modern ferry terminal
-the Port Duty Zones with wide range of services
-multimodal transshipment center
-attractive development areas for investments in handling and storage facilities and port-related industry

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Type of business
Goods handling
Port authority
Transhipment alternatives
Inland waterways
RoRo/FerriesNumber of berthsMax draught (m)  
Goods 8 7.5 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
Passenger 5 7.5 Swinoujscie    
LoLo  Number of cranesMax lifting capacity
Container 3 13.2 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
24 100t
General Cargo 20 13.2 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
109 260t
Break bulk 18 13.2 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
85 100t
Bulk  Main type of commodities
Dry 18 13.2 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
iron, grain
Liquid 5 13.2 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
fuel oils & petrol
technical & plant oil, tar & pitch
Cruise 5 13.2 Swinoujscie
9.15 Szczecin
Other - -